Research Biomarkers

EKF Diagnostics is a leader in the development, manufacture and promotion of a range of sensitive biomarker assays to detect organ damage, especially for acute renal injury resulting from nephrotoxicity and the stress of major cardiac surgery.

We focus primarily on the development of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) that are used to detect the early stages of acute kidney injury (AKI), also known as Acute Renal Failure (ARF). Kits include Alpha GSTpi GSTNGAL and L-FABP

EKF distributes serumTNFr1 and urinary collagen IV EIA kits which facilitate the early detection and monitoring of end stage diabetic nephropathy, a major cause of renal failure.

EKF also provides assays for serum Alpha GST and collagen IV, important biomarkers of acute and chronic liver injury and disease.

Other specialist tests include OxyDNA, a fast, convenient and sensitive fluorescence method for the detection of oxidative DNA damage, an important factor of toxicity, carcinogenesis and cell death.

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EKF Diagnostics biomarker kits are widely used in drug development and clinical research.