Molecular diagnostic testing kits and testing services

EKF Diagnostics is at the forefront of genomic testing and companion diagnostics within oncology.

EKF Molecular Diagnostics have developed unique tests and services that are helping the healthcare industry make personalized medicine for cancer a reality.

Through these tools EKF is creating a future where patients receive quicker diagnosis, targeted therapy and less invasive monitoring of their condition. 


PointMan DNA enrichment

PointMan™ DNA enrichment kits provide ultra-low level detection of oncology biomarkers KRAS, BRAF, EGFR, JAK2, NRAS and ESR1.

PointMan™ is a highly specific and sensitive technology developed by EKF Molecular Diagnostics that detects circulating tumour cells (CTCs) and circulating free DNA. This capability is vital for developing companion diagnostics, particularly in oncology.

EKF Molecular is engaged with many collaborators in Europe, Japan and USA to demonstrate the utility of PointMan™. These include the world-renowned cancer centre at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston and Kanazawa University Hospital, Japan. 


PointMan™ kits can be used with any sample type and any sequencing methodology.