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EKF Diagnostics acquires ADL Health molecular diagnostic testing laboratory


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EKF Diagnostics, the global in vitro diagnostics company, announces that it has acquired Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory LLC (“ADL Health”), a Texas based PCR-focused testing laboratory certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (“CLIA”) for high-complexity molecular diagnostics testing. ADL Health’s CLIA-certified laboratory covers the fields of clinical, forensic and microbiological tests. The business has ISO 15189 Medical Laboratory accreditation giving it recognition in 44 countries and reflecting ADL Health’s commitment to high standards.


Using its expertise in PCR testing, ADL Health also provides COVID-19 testing needs for dozens of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. For example, it is a pre-travel COVID-19 testing partner for Air Canada and United Airlines.  In addition, ADL Health is expanding its range of testing capabilities across a broader suite of healthcare applications.  Under EKF’s ownership, further investment is anticipated to support the deployment of additional equipment and personnel in order to service customer demand.


ADL Health delivers a range of rapid and accurate COVID-19 testing services. Considered the gold standard, due to its precision, ADL’s COVID-19 rRT-PCR test has the capability to detect infection in its earliest stages and ensure a quick turnaround time. On receipt of a test at the lab, results are delivered within 24 hours. This is accomplished by adapting the test to a fast, reliable high throughput format which provides results for thousands of samples on a daily basis. ADL is working around the clock to ensure healthcare providers, managed care facilities, employers, state and local governments and more, from across the U.S., secure the results they need for their workforces and communities.


In addition to corporate and group high-volume COVID testing, ADL Health provides a range of testing options including HomeCollect™ which is a kit-based home testing service delivering results back within 24 hours. ADL also has a rapid response team ready to be deployed to a business or organization for on-site testing within hours to help prevent loss of business due to a COVID shutdown. The laboratory also offers a drive-thru COVID testing service, as well as a COVID pass digital health app for travelers to present standardized, verifiable proof of a negative COVID test.


While the growth of ADL Health has been accelerated by its COVID testing capabilities, its wider testing offering, including current and planned capabilities, both complement and broaden EKF’s existing diagnostics portfolio, which include test kit manufacturing and point-of-care diagnostic instrumentation.


Mike Salter, Chief Executive Officer of EKF, commented: “The acquisition of ADL Health affirms EKF’s position as a leading provider of diagnostic products and services, including a testing offering that our industry partners have been looking for us to provide. The ability to offer testing for a wide range of diseases, combined with our existing point-of-care device, reagent, sample collection, kitting and manufacturing services, positions us as a single provider able to encompass all products and services from ‘sample-to-result’.


Stanley Crawford III, COO and Founder of Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory added: “We are excited to become a member of the EKF Diagnostics family. The combination of a premier CLIA lab with a powerhouse such as EKF not only creates a whole new capability for the Group but also provides the combined Group with compelling opportunities to drive growth by meeting more of our clients’ needs.”



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