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PrimeStore® MTM - A novel viral transport media for infectious diseases

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Key features

  • Test for multiple viruses from one sample swab
  • Unique design
  • No cold chain required
  • FDA Class 2 cleared and CE marked
  • For use with COVID-19, flu A, flu B, HIV, TB and more

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Test for COVID-19 and flu from the same flocked sample swab

PrimeStore® MTM is a molecular transport media that gives the user a “snapshot” in time for that sample by preserving and stabilizing DNA and RNA.


PrimeStore MTM (Molecular Transport Medium) was designed and optimized for molecular testing allowing pathogenic samples to be collected, transported, and processed safely and efficiently. Millions of tubes of PrimeStore MTM have been sold to clients around the world during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.


The molecular transport medium inactivates infectious biological pathogens including viruses, and gram-positive/negative bacteria whilst preserving and stabilizing labile DNA and RNA for downstream molecular applications.


Viral transport media (VTM) were designed for transporting samples intact to be cultured prior to the widespread use of molecular testing and contain ingredients that inhibit optimal molecular testing. In contrast, PrimeStore MTM was invented and optimized specifically for molecular testing.

As the only FDA Class 2 cleared product for microbial nucleic acid storage and stabilization, hospitals and laboratories trust that PrimeStore MTM provides safer and more reliable testing than UTM/VTM, saline, or research use only devices.  


Laboratories have independently validated PrimeStore MTM with a range of platforms such as Roche, Thermo Fisher, Abbott, Siemens, Luminex, Bio-Rad, PSS, Promega, and BioMerieux, as well as the Cepheid GeneXpert point of care platform.


A key feature of PrimeStore MTM is that it allows lab teams to process multiple tests from a single sample that has been inactivated and stabilized in PrimeStore MTM.  


There are multiple peer-reviewed scientific papers, dating from 2011 onwards, supporting the use of PrimeStore MTM for pathogen detection from a wide range of clinical matrices and biofluid types collected and processed in different countries. A selection of these can be found below.

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‘At the University of Leicester we have established an asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 screening programme, providing reassurance and support to our staff and students on campus with the aim to reduce viral transmission.

By choosing PrimeStore Molecular Transport media with its viral inactivation properties, we are ensuring the safe transportation and processing of participants samples and ensuring protection for our staff. Furthermore, we have the reassurance of RNA stabilisation, protecting sample integrity at room temperature without the need for additional storage requirements. EKF have provided excellent customer service throughout. Offering a fast and friendly personalised approach, addressing all of our technical considerations and fully supporting our needs.’

Leicester University

“Our primary reason for choosing the PrimeStore MTM was for safety. The MTM inactivates the SARS-CoV-2 virus whilst stabilising the RNA. This means that we can safely handle samples we receive that could potentially contain a hazard group 3 pathogen in a Class II MSC. This in turn helps our workflow as it removes the need to inactivate the samples prior to moving to the next step.”

Yourgene Health

Antibacterial effectiveness testing, cert. USP 32-NF 27<51>


Bacteria and fungi



Positive control


PrimeStore MTM + Organism

(% killed)

E. coli

6.4 x 107


S. aureus

6.0 x 107



4.7 x 106





Positive control


PrimeStore MTM + Organism

(% killed)

Influenza A (H3N2)

7.5 x 108


Adenovirus type 5

7.5 x 108


Influenza A (H5N1)

7.5 x 107


*Initial 4-log dilutions of PrimeStore MTM + viruses were required due to PrimeStore lysis of tissue culture.


Stability of Influenza A RNA in PrimeStore MTM


PrimeStore MTM Stability Influenza molecular transport media-1.jpg

PrimeStore MTM Influenza Stability molecular transport media-2.jpg

Unlike most sample collection systems PrimeStore MTM alleviates cold chain requirements for sample collection and transportation, ensuring RNA stability for 7 days at ambient temperatures or 28 days at 2-8C.


Long-term frozen storage


PrimeStore MTM H1B1 molecular transport media.jpg

The PrimeStore MTM collection tube is optimised for short, medium- and long-term storage as samples placed in PrimeStore MTM are ready for biobanking with no requirements for additional supplies.

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  2. PrimeStore MTM successfully evaluated by Public Health England for SARS-CoV-2 inactivation