About Us

About us

EKF Diagnostics is a global medical manufacturer of point-of-care (POCT) devices and tests for hemoglobin, glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), glucose and lactate. EKF also has a long history in clinical chemistry reagent manufacture in the USA.

During the COVID-19 pandemic EKF began the production of PrimeStore MTM under licence from Longhorn Vaccines and Diagnostics in San Antonio, Texas. PrimeStore MTM is widely used in the US and Europe to neutralise viruses in patient samples.

EKF is also a distributor of the Kantaro COVID-SeroKlir antibody kits, a quantitative ELISA test. SeroKlir provides an antibody titer that determines the presence and volume of COVID-19 antibodies present in a patient.



Point of Care

EKF Point of Care (POC) analyzers are designed for use within doctors' surgeries, clinics, hopsitals and laboratories to provide fast and accurate results at an affordable price.


Central Laboratory

EKF Central Laboratory division manufactures a wide spectrum of reagents for use in hospital laboratories across a broad portfolio of automated and semi-automated analysers.


Life Sciences

EKF Life Sciences specializes in producing enzymes and contracted custom products for use in medical diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and industry.


Quality Standards

All EKF's facilities are accredited by the international standards agencies that oversee the design and manufacture of medical devices. EKF-diagnostic GmbH and Stanbio Laboratory are both FDA registered facilities, whilst Stanbio is also accredited by the Canadian Medical Devices Conformity Assessment Scheme (CMDCAS).

A global diagnostics company

EKF is a global company with offices in the UK, Germany, USA, Russia and China and counts with a network of more than 200 distributors covering every country.



We keep our network up-to-date with our products with constant training and attending to global events like Medica, MedLab or AACC across countries.




Company timeline


EKF Industrie-Elektronik established. This company would go on to develop Hemo Control and Biosen.



EKF Industrie-Elektronik renamed EKF-diagnostic GmbH.


EKF-diagnostic sales GmbH and EKF-diagnostic Russia founded.


SensLab GmbH is acquired adding Lactate Scout to the Sport Performance range.



EKF-diagnostyka Poland founded.


EKF GmbH acquired by IBL plc and is listed on London Stock Exchange as EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc.

Quotient Diagnostics Ltd and Argutus Medical Ltd subsequently acquired to expand the Diabetes Care portfolio with the Quo-Lab and Quo-Test HbA1c analysers along with the predictive kidney biomarker sTNFR1.



Stanbio Laboratory acquired by EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc adding a Clinical Chemistry portfolio of more than a 80 reagents, controls, calibrators, and standards, as well as a enzyme manufacturing plant in Elkhart now known as EKF Life Sciences.


DiaSpect Medical AB and Separation Technology acquired to supplement EKF's hemoglobin range with DiaSpect and UltraCrit.



Manufacturing consolidated into two sites - Barleben, near Magdeburg in Germany and Boerne, near San Antonio in Texas.



EKF Diagnostics announces record revenues and profitability, as well as the successful floatation of spin-out, Renalytix AI, on AIM.


Production starts in the USA, UK and Germany of PrimeStore MTM - a transport media for samples that may contain an infection disease such as COVID-19, influenza or TB.

timeline - PrimeStore


Trellus Health, a joint venture with Mount Sinai, admitted to AIM. 

Acquisition of ADL Health, a CLIA certified lab in San Antonio, Texas which specialises in quick-turnaround COVID-19 testing for companies and individuals.


Investor Relations