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EKF Diagnostics has Point-of-Care at its heart

EKF Diagnostics, the global in vitro diagnostics company, is looking forward to an exciting second half of 2016 as it relaunches the HemoPoint® H2 hemoglobin analyzer in the USA under the Stanbio brand.  

HemoPoint® H2 has been sold in the US for a decade and has proved popular in doctor’s offices and WIC settings. From June 2016 HemoPoint® H2 will again be available under EKF Diagnostics’ Stanbio brand, switching back from Alere Inc. where it was sold as the Alere HemoPoint® H2 for three years.

Gilbert Mejia, EKF Diagnostics’ Sales Director for the Americas, said “HemoPoint® H2 has been a very important part of EKF’s success in the US. Alere helped us grow our presence in the anemia screening market but, with their change of strategy, now is the time for us to pick up the baton and carry on the good work. We will continue to support customers with market-leading sales and technical support and we look forward to working with our partners to grow the market further.”

One key difference customers can expect to see is a new-look HemoPoint® H2 analyzer which will revert to its original dark red colour instead of the white housing associated with Alere Inc. All other consumables and accessories will remain the same.

Bart Battles, Sales Director for the USA, said, “HemoPoint® H2 customers can expect a seamless transition back to EKF. We have spent the first half of 2016 preparing for this change and have worked with our sales channel partners, MTMC, and our sales staff to ensure customers do not experience any disruption. It’s an exciting time for us as we know how much people like the product

EKF’s HemoPoint® H2 (Hemo Control in the UK and Europe) hemoglobin analyzer uses the established photometric azide methemoglobin method to deliver quantitative, lab quality results from 30 seconds. In addition to providing hemoglobin measurement, the HemoPoint® H2 also calculates hematocrit, is able to connect to PCs via cable or Bluetooth® technology and can store up to 4,000 patient results. The analyzer is also equipped with a handy ‘always ready’ stand-by function that reduces energy consumption and allows users to quickly start running tests without needing to remember switching it on and off. To find out more and to watch a video demonstration of EKF’s hemoglobin analyzer in use visit www.hemopoint.com.

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