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Thank you to our distribution partners for another successful EKF Distributor Meeting


A truly global family!


Thank you to all our distribution partners that attended the Berlin International Distributor Meeting.  We had over 90 delegates from more than 45 distribution companies joined together for what we hope was an enjoyable and informative event.

During the event we shared ideas, received product training and listened to experts from the diagnostics industry and we hope that this will help to further strengthen our understanding and relationships with each other.


  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-1
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-7
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-15
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-14
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-13
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-27
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-28
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-30
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-26
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-24
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-31
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-23
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-32
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-25
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-29
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-8
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-2
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-5
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-3
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-4
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-6
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-19
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-20
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-22
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-18
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-16
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-21
  • EKF-DItributor-Meeting-2018-17


Growing through partnership


And finally, we would like to huge congratulations to our Distributor of the Year winners for 2017:


Diagnostica Peruana – LATAM


MRL Cybertec – APAC



Infratec – EMEA

Thanks for all your hard work throughout 2017. Here’s to another successful 2018.



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