Hemoglobin analyzers

EKF Hematology aims to make blood donation and anemia screening easier, more affordable and more accessible than ever before.

Our hemoglobin analyzers and tests deliver fast and reliable results for hemoglobin and hematocrit that provide both practitioner and patient with helpful information to guide decisions for medical care or lifestyle interventions in seconds.

Our hemoglobin analyzer range is used all over the world, in Blood banks, field clinics, Malnutrition and HIV programs, GP surgeries, Obstetrics and Maternity wards.


EKF hemoglobin analyzers make blood donation and anemia screening easier

Our products

Hemo Control  

The hemoglobin analyzer Hemo Control uses the most established azide methemoglobin method to deliver accurate hemoglobin results, as well as an optional hematocrit calculation, from 25 seconds.

DiaSpect Tm and DiaSpect T Low

The DiaSpect hemoglobin analyzers, Diaspect Tm for whole blood and Diaspect T Low for plasma, use a reagentless cuvette to provide results in approximately one second. Reagentless cuvettes have a long shelf life and are ideally suited to hot and humid conditions.

HemataStat II

The HemataSTAT II is a microhematocrit centrifuge that provides quantitative readings for multiple patient samples. HemataStat II is ideally suited for use within laboratories and veterinary settings.

Hemoglobin analyzers more affordable and accessible than ever before.


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