Maternal and
Women's Health

Maternal and Women's Health

EKF Maternal and Women’s Health aims to improve healthcare outcomes for women and children by providing physicians with innovative diagnostic solutions that deliver accurate and timely results anywhere, at any time.

Maternal and Women’s Health focuses primarily on diagnostics used to address conditions and complications associated with pregnancy and child birth.


EKF Maternal and Women's Health aims to improve healthcare outcomes for women and children 


Our products

Creamatocrit Plus™

The Maternal and Women's Health range includes Creamatocrit Plus, the world's only centrifuge that can be used in Women and Infant Clinics, NICU and Mothers' Milk Banks to measure the calorific content of breast milk. By measuring creamatocrit clinician's help ensure that infants get the best possible start in life.

Pregnancy Test 

EKF offers a number of pregnancy test kits designed for use within hospitals and clinics.

Hemoglobin analyzers

The EKF range of point-of-care hemoglobin analyzers are used in screening programs to identify women and children with anemia. We also offer blood analyzers that identify women with gestational diabetes and help with the management of their condition.

We provide physicians with innovative diagnostic solutions


Read our guides

We have written a series of guides to help medical professionals understand more about point-of-care testing for anemia, diabetes, ketosis and lactate measurement.

Find out more about the different methods for testing, the symptoms, the associated conditions and understand how POCT can help deliver accurate results in minutes.


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