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Molecular Transport Media

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a significant increase in the uptake of molecular testing. The demand for quicker turnaround times from sample to result, and for improved performance has forced the issue meaning that in some cases molecular testing has been adopted in favour of traditional microbiology testing methods.

The growth in the demand for molecular testing has seen a corresponding surge in demand for sample transport media - usually referred to as Universal Transport Media (UTM) or Viral Transport Medica (VTM).

Standard UTM and VTM media were designed for transporting intact viable microbial samples for culture. This means that the sample carries a biohazard risk which requires a controlled environment for subsequent laboratory work. Additionally, because the samples are live, cold chain storage and transportation is imperative.

UTM and VTM may also contain enzymes and nucleases that can cause damage to RNA and DNA. If the sample is damaged it will inhibit the quality of the result that can be obtained through PCR testing. 

However, modern molecular tests do not require a sample containing a live virus. Instead they require only intact microbial nucleic acids. PrimeStore MTM is ideal in this scenario as it neutralises the virus, maintains the RNA and DNA and, significantly, does not require refrigeration.

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PrimeStore MTM

PrimeStore MTM Collection Kit

PCR testing needs the best transport media to ensure high quality, consistent results

Molecular Transport Media tubes and testing kits

PrimeStore MTM

PrimeStore® MTM is a molecular transport media that gives the user a “snapshot” in time for that sample by preserving and stabilizing DNA and RNA.

PrimeStore MTM is sold in plastic vials with external threads and leak proof caps. Tubes contain 1.5 mL of PrimeStore MTM and are available in 3, 4 and 5 mL sizes.


PrimeStore MTM Collection Kit

The PrimeStore® MTM sample collection kit enables convenient and safe collection, transportation and handling of pathogenic samples including COVID-19 and influenza. 

The PrimeStore MTM Collection Kit includes a flocked swab, a collection bag and vial containing 1.5 mL of PrimeStore MTM. These are provided in  a pack of 75 kits.

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