hCG Pregnancy Tests


Key features

  • Tests for urine and serum
  • Only two drops of sample
  • Easy to read test results
  • Results from three minutes

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EKF's range of hCG pregnancy tests includes single step cassette platform formats for urine only or urine and serum pregnancy testing.

Our QuPID® and True® 20 tests cassettes are CLIA waived and provide results in three minutes when testing urine with clearly readable results. All products in the range are proven to ensure greater than 99 % accuracy and specificity. 

Each QuPID pregnancy tests cassette package is labelled with instructions and includes a disposable dropper.

EKF Diagnostics’ pregnancy tests utilize  specific mono and polyclonal antibody reagentsto ensure early pregnancy detection while preventing cross reactivity with other hormones present in patient samples.

QuPID® hCG Pregnancy Test

QuPID and QuPID Plus are single step cassette platform tests for urine or serum/urine pregnancy testing. QuPID's quick-clearing background ensures test results that are easy to interpret, minimizing the need for re-testing, even with low level specimens.

CLIA waived when testing urine samples, each test cassette package is pouched, labelled with instructions and includes a disposable dropper. QuPID and QuPID Plus require only two drops of sample and provide results in three minutes (urine) and five minutes (serum). Both formats are more than 99% accurate and specific. 

Pregnancy tests are available in pack sizes of 25 and 50 tests.

hCG bi-level and tri-level controls for urine and serum are also available in 5 mL sets.

QuPID: Sensitivity 20 mIU/mL hCG in urine.

QuPID Plus: Sensitivity 10 mIU/mL hCG in serum and 20 mIU/mL in urine.



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True® 20 hCG Pregnancy Test

True 20 and True 20 Plus pregnancy tests combine the benefits of our QuPID technology in an economical format.

True 20 tests are packaged in boxes of 50 pregnancy tests and can be stored at room temperature making them ideal for busy hospital settings. 

The quick-clearing background ensures easy-to-interpret test results even with low level specimens. CLIA waived on urine testing, each cassette package includes a disposable dropper.

Only two drops of sample are required and positive results are available in either three minutes (urine) or five minutes (serum).

True 20 Plus pregnancy tests: Detect 20 mIU/mL hCG or greater in both urine and serum.



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