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Separation Technology moves its production and operations facility to Boerne, Texas


EKF Diagnostics, the global in-vitro diagnostics company, announces that Separation Technology, Inc., a subsidiary of EKF, has moved its manufacturing and operations from Sanford, Florida to Boerne, Texas.

Separation Technology, Inc. now shares operational facilities with another EKF Diagnostics Company, Stanbio Laboratory L.P.  The address for both companies is now:

1261 North Main Street,
Texas 78006

Telephone number +001 830 249 0772

All contracts and agreements previously signed on behalf of STI are still in effect until the end of their contract term. There has been no change to the legal status or ownership of the company. The move from Sanford, Florida to Boerne, Texas is purely an operational change.

If you wish to place an order for STI products or products offered by Stanbio, you can use the same email address for both companies: or you can send a fax to +001 830 249 0851.

The Customer Service Departments and Technical Support Departments for both companies have each been combined. When calling in, just select the appropriate department regardless of which products are the subject of your call.

Invoices from STI will show the names of all three companies, EKF Diagnostics, Stanbio Laboratory and Separation Technology. Invoices from Stanbio Laboratory will not show the name Separation Technology.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Service Department at and they will be happy to help you or put you in touch with the appropriate person within EKF Diagnostics.

To see the letter sent to all STI customers please click here.

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