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EKF's range of sports performance blood analyzers provide coaches, athletes and clinicians with accurate and easy-to-use diagnostic tools that help improve results on the track, in the field, on the road, in the water or even on the snow.

Testing lactate has been an established parameter of performance diagnostics in sports for many years. Understanding an athlete's lactate levels helps determine their optimal training regime, avoid over or under exercising and monitors performance progress. Only targeted and healthy training leads to success.

This works in the same way for fitness and cardio-rehabilitation training. Measuring lactate can guide safe and efficient training at maximum fat burning intensity whilst avoiding over-exhaustion.

Lactate in healthy humans clears very quickly. Prolonged elevated lactate levels are a product of excess production combined with reduced clearance. This is mostly caused by pathologic processes and reflects tissue hypoxia or non-hypoxic tissue injury.

Biosen and Lactate Scout are used by football teams in the English Premier League


Our products

Biosen C-Line

Biosen has been designed to deliver fast, lab-accurate results for the determination of lactate in small blood samples. Biosen users can alsoobtain glucose readings simultaneously through the addition of a second testing channel on the analyser.

Lactate Scout Sport

Lactate Scout Sport is a handheld analyser that requires a very small blood sample to deliver lactate measurement in ten seconds. The analyser is programmed with step-testing features designed to improve athletic performance over time.

Biosen and Lactate Scout are used by football teams in the English Premier League, Bundesliga and Italian League football, as well as Olympic Associations and National Institutes of Sport around the world.

Lactate testing is an established parameter in helping coaches develop athlete training regimes 

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Lactate measurement for athletes

During high-intensity exercise, the body produces lactate faster than it can be metabolised and removed from the blood stream. This leads to accumulation of lactate in the bloodstream.


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