Diagnostics for animal welfare

The EKF Diagnostics range of veterinary blood analyzers are used by professionals to improve the speed and accuracy of clinical decision making.


EKF's handheld and desktop analyzers are used for testing lactate and hemoglobin using very small sample volumes to minimize animal discomfort and stress.


Lactate has long been used in human clinical practice as a diagnostic and prognostic aid in critically ill patients. Lactate testing can be used in sepsis diagnosis and also aid in monitoring post-surgical morbidity, post-cardiac event morbidity, post-transplant morbidity and in assessing patients recovering from pneumonia.


Hemo Vet uses the most established photometric azide methemoglobin method to ensure reliable hemoglobin results with a high precision (CV <2%).


Point -of-Care veterinary analysers for lactate and hemoglobin measurement

Our analyzers


Lactate Scout Vet

Lactate Scout Vet is a handheld analyser that requires a very small whole blood sample to deliver lactate measurement in ten seconds. The analyser is programmed with species selection to improve the accuracy of the result and improve clinical decision making.


Hemo Vet

Hemo Vet is based on the same platform as our popular Hemo Control hemoglobin analyser that can found in thousands of hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices around the world. It delivers a hemoglobin measurement in 25-60 seconds and can also provide a hematacrit calculation at the same time.

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Why should veterinary professional use PoC analyzers?

We have written a series of guides to help veterinary professionals understand more about Point-of-Care testing for anemia and lactate measurement.

Find out more about the different methods for testing, the symptoms and the associated conditions, and understand how POCT can help vets provide a specialised service to their clients.


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Lactate testing for veterinary applications

Lactate is a useful tool in overall treatment pathway, as a guide to morbidity and the need to closely monitor patients.


The measurement of lactate in cattle

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