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EKF Diagnostics announces the launch of its new USA domestic website www.ekfusa.com

EKF Diagnostics announces the launch of its new USA domestic website, replacing stanbio.com.  The new website, www.ekfusa.com, is tailor made to meet the needs of USA and Canadian customers needing a quick way to place orders, find product information and make contact with customer services.

The new website is loaded with helpful features and content to make ordering easy. 
Improved product pages give you all the info you'll need:
Product pages feature more detail on specifications, pack contents and frequently asked questions. Users can also view in depth product videos and improved product photography.

Easy navigation of our chemistry range:
Search for chemistry products in A-Z order or by patient condition. Our calibrators and controls are also listed in a separate section for easy access.

Peer Group QC platform: 
Access the ß-HB Peer Group Quality Control platform through the Peer Group QC link.
Browse with ease on mobile, tablet and desktop:
New mobile responsive design makes it easier to access the site when you’re out and about.

 Easily download all Product Sheets, SDS and FAQs: 
The product information you need is now available to download at the touch of a button.

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