Director appointments

 15th Aug 2014

EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc,, the AIM listed point-of-care, central laboratory and molecular diagnostics business, announces the appointment of David Toohey and Doris-Ann Williams MBE to the Board as Non-Executive Directors with immediate effect.

David Toohey (57) has over 30 years’ experience in international business, the last 20 of which have been in medical devices and the In Vitro Diagnostics (‘IVD’) industry. He is CEO and founder of Syncrophi Systems Ltd, a company pioneering the development of next-generation frontline patient care and clinical informatics solutions. David began his career in electronics system design and manufacturing settings but moved into the medical device industry when he joined Bausch+Lomb in 1993, where he led the modernisation of work practices in a large contact lens facility. He joined Boston Scientific in 1995 as local Managing Director and later Vice President, led the site as it grew to 2,500 employees, and was engaged in the design and manufacture of a wide range of minimally invasive medical devices.

Joining the corporate executive team of Inverness Medical (now Alere Inc) in 2001, David, through a number of roles including VP New Products, President Global Professional Diagnostics and President International Business Operations, helped drive the rapid growth of the company to become the global leader in rapid diagnostics. . He is a Fellow of Engineers Ireland and a Chartered Engineer, holds an MBA and is a member of the Institute Of Directors. David has recently joined the board of Croi, the non-profit West of Ireland Cardiology Foundation.

Doris-Ann Williams (54) has been Chief Executive of the British In Vitro Diagnostics Association ("BIVDA") since October 2001 and has more than 30 years’ experience working in the IVD sector. She has had a variety of experience, initially in R&D and subsequently in commercial roles including international responsibilities. She is on the Editorial board of IVD Technology, sits on a number of steering groups including that of the Technology Strategy Board and is currently on the NHS Implementation Board for Innovation, Health and Wealth. She also works closely with European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association and other global IVD industry associations. She was awarded an MBE in January 2011 and was recognised as a Friend of the Royal College of Pathologists in November 2012. 

David Evans, Chairman of EKF, commented: “I am delighted to have been able to attract David and Doris-Ann to the Board of EKF to act as independent non-executive Directors. I know that their domain experience in IVD will enable them both to challenge and support the Executive Team and to enable the Board to function more effectively.”

Additional information: Mr David Toohey, aged 57, is currently a director, or has held directorships at the following companies during the previous five years:

Current Directorships

Syncrophi Systems Ltd

Directorships in the last five years

Alere S.r.l. (formerly IM Italia), Alere S.A.S. (formerly Inverness Medical France SAS), Alere Healthcare, S.A. (formerly Inverness Medical Iberica S.A.U.), Alere Spain, S.L. (formerly Inverness Medical Spain , S.L), Alere International Sarl (formerly Biosite Int’l Sarl), Alere International Limited, Alere, Lda. (formerly Reatrol)

BBI Holdings Limited

Biosite GmbH, Biosite Ltd., Biosite S.r.l., Biosite International Sarl

Concateno plc

Inverness Medical France SAS (formerly Biosite France, S.A.S.), Inverness Medical Iberica, S.A.U., Inverness Medical Spain, S.L., Inverness Medical Italia, S.r.l., IVD Management Limited

Mrs Doris-Ann Williams, aged 54, is currently a director, or has held directorships at the following companies during the previous five years.

Current Directorships


There is no further information to be disclosed under Schedule 2(g) and Rule 17 of the AIM rules in respect of Mr Toohey and Ms Williams appointments as Non-Executive Officer.