Launch of EKF Link


Digital connectivity solution driven by client demand
Enabling hospitals, labs and GPs to manage and evaluate patient data easily and securely


EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc (AIM: EKF), the AIM-listed global diagnostics business, announces the launch of EKF Link, a digital connectivity solution for the secure management of point-of-care (“POC”) analysers and associated data on one centralised platform. The EKF Link middleware links to EKF’s own product portfolio and can also provide connectivity to selected third-party POC analysers, to enable real-time remote management of data, such as patient test results, quality control (“QC”) /calibration results, operator management and analyser configuration.


EKF Link is a downloadable software package that allows POC analysers to connect to a hospital or laboratory’s IT system, enabling data transfer from these remote analysers for subsequent processing, thereby enhancing their capabilities. This provides hospitals, laboratories and clinicians with the connectivity and functionality to manage and evaluate their patient and operator data, easily and securely. It also allows the remote operators to capture patient information, perform a QC test, lock-out unauthorised users and transfer information directly into the laboratory information management system.


EKF’s portfolio of POC diagnostic devices includes its range of Hematology analysers: Hemo Control and DiaSpect Tm hemoglobin, as well as its Diabetes range of analysers: Quo-Lab and Quo-Test HbA1c. All of these can now be digitally connected from anywhere and securely accessed remotely at any time using EKF Link, compared to current methods whereby data generated from POC analysers are either kept as written records, printed out, or in some cases connected via Bluetooth or data cable.


The development and launch of EKF Link has been driven by customer demand and designed in partnership with hospital POC managers to ensure the software meets their specific needs. EKF Link provides the Company with improved competitive positioning for future POC contract tenders and new accounts, and increases the attractiveness of the EKF product portfolio to existing customers against currently available technologies.


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Mike Salter, CEO, of EKF Diagnostics said: “As part of our strategy to enhance our POC analyser portfolio and technology offering, we are pleased to announce that we have successfully launched EKF Link enabling practitioners to analyse their patients’ results remotely, easily and securely. EKF Link provides our POC diagnostic devices with a connectivity advantage which positions us well for tenders and new accounts. This is particularly true in Europe and North America, where a connectivity solution is commonly a part of the specification. EKF Link has the added benefit that it can be installed wherever it is needed, on a PC or a central server, allowing hospitals and laboratories, technicians and clinicians to access results from various settings, reducing workload whilst increasing the security of handling patient data.


“This new product launch shows our responsiveness to our customer base and increasing demand for data management capabilities. It extends the utility of our installed instrument base and provides EKF with a key advantage for further new business opportunities.”


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About EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc


EKF is a leading global diagnostics business with custom manufacturing facilities across sites in the US, UK and Europe for a variety of life science products. EKF is focussed on the following areas:



Providing a portfolio of Point-of-Care analysers and consumables, particularly for use in the area of Hematology and Diabetes, for use in hospital and research laboratories, doctor's offices, blood banks and for in-field anaemia screening programmes. EKF has an estimated 80,000 hemoglobin, hematocrit, HbA1c, glucose and lactate analysers in regular use across more than 100 countries.


Central Laboratory

Clinical chemistry, Small lab analysers, Centrifuges

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (β-HB) LiquiColor, Glycates Albumin, Glycated Serum Protein, Nitro-tab, Procalcitonin


Life Sciences

Enzyme fermentation, Custom products and Bulk fermentation


Contract Manufacturing 

Bulk formulation, Sample collection kits, Private labelling, Molecular and forensic kits


Laboratory Services

In September 2021, EKF completed the acquisition of Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory LLC (“ADL Health”), a Texas based testing laboratory certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments ("CLIA") for high complexity testing. The laboratory provides testing for a variety of clinical, forensic and microbiological sample types using a range of analytical techniques. This acquisition positions EKF as a leading ‘one stop’ provider of diagnostic products and services from sample collection to results.


EKF’s growth strategy to 2024 and beyond can be summarised as:

continuing innovation in products and services in Point-of-Care, Central Laboratory and Life Sciences leveraging new and existing routes to market and relationships;

investment in expanded production and kitting capabilities to offer a suite of diagnostic Contract Manufacturing solutions to third party businesses;

expansion of CLIA Laboratories Testing offering, building on the acquired capabilities in ADL Health; and

identify complementary earnings-enhancing acquisitions with key strategic value.


EKF will also continue to generate enhanced shareholder value through:

a progressive dividend policy; and

its agreement with Mount Sinai Innovation Partners ("MSIP"), which allows us advanced access to innovative commercial opportunities and where we can build on the ongoing successes of Renalytix plc, Verici Dx plc and Trellus Health plc.




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