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The standard of care in ketone testing

The STAT-Site® M BHB analyzer from EKF Diagnostics is used for the quantitative determination of B-Hydroxybutyrate (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate or BHB) in serum or plasma.

B-HB is used to aid the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with ketosis (also known as ketoacidosis and diabetic ketoacidosis or DKA).

Ketosis occurs when the body begins to break down its stored fats in response to a low supply of energy (glucose). This process produces the ketone BHB, which is further catabolised into acetoacetate and then into acetone.

Because BHB accounts for 78% of all ketones present in the body, and is the first one to be present during ketosis, it provides the clearest indication of a patient’s condition before and after treatment. For this reason it is a more appropriate test than traditional nitroprusside tests for acetoacetate and acetone.

The STAT-Site M BHB analyzer uses dry reagent strips to provide results in 80 seconds allowing patients displaying symptoms to be quickly diagnosed and then monitored on a regular basis.

The specificity of BHB means that patients receive a higher quality of care while reducing stays in Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Units.

in 3 steps

1.  Insert the test strip. 
2.  Apply sample.                                 
3.  Read resultss in <80 seconds. 

STAT-Site M BHB analyzer specifications

Methodology: Reflectance photometry

Principle: Beta-Hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase

Sample Size: 10 µL

Range: 0.01 - 2.0 mmol/L (without dilution)

Calibration: Automatic (CODE Key). Lot specific CODE Key included in every box of test strips


Quantitative results

Allows you to determine the presence and degree of ketosis by measuring blood levels of BHB.

Quick and easy to use 

With only 10 µl L of serum or plasma you get quantitative results in less than 80 seconds.

Quality care

Knowing BHB levels offers useful information for monitoring diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in newlydiagnosed patients and for reducing time and costs in an intensive care unit.*

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